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What are we doing about it?

  • We have created an Anti-Counterfeiting Committee within the World Bearing Association to address the problem as a team

    WBA is a non-profit and unincorporated industrial association. It was founded in 2006 by three major, regional bearing associations: the American Bearing Manufacturers’ Association (AMBA), the Federation of European Bearing Manufacturers’ Associations (FEBMA) and the Japan Bearing Industrial Association (JBIA). Informational campaigns, such as this, raise awareness about counterfeiting and help buyers, end users and distributors.

  • We cooperate with local law enforcement around the world

    Companies participating in the WBA assist local law enforcement with information and identification of counterfeits, to help find and prosecute counterfeiters. They are frequently involved in assisting law enforcement in investigations of suspected counterfeit operations.

    Counterfeiting is a crime in many countries, plain and simple. Suspected manufacturers and dealers of counterfeit bearings can face criminal prosecution, in addition to civil litigation. Therefore, all suspicious activities need to be communicated to both the premium brand manufacturers and the authorities. Contacting your immediate supplier with complaints and your suspicions may lead to destruction of evidence and hiding of information.

  • We can help you identify counterfeit products

    If you suspect counterfeiting activity, please contact the premium brand manufacturer directly.

    It is important to engage the premium brand manufacturer concerned. If there is indeed a case of counterfeiting, warning anyone who might be involved could put further investigation at risk.

    One effective way to identify counterfeit bearings with certainty is with the help of premium brand manufacturers. If you suspect that you may have purchased or distributed counterfeits, contact the premium brand manufacturer concerned directly.