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2017-04-03 18:56:30

SKF Logo

The SKF authenticate application for smartphones allows users to get in direct contact with SKF for product authenticity verification.

The app has been available for two years and it is frequently used sending authenticity verification requests to the SKF Group Brand Protection.


The purpose behind SKF Authenticate is to provide a swift, reliable and easy to use verification service. It is free and the app is available to download for both iPhone and Android devices.

From the app the user can take pictures of the suspect product, send their contact information and provide information about where the product was purchased. By pushing the send button everything is sent for authenticity verification, SKF is normally able to respond to the requestor within a few hours and the service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The application has proven to be very important as it provides a quick and safe way for individuals and/or companies to receive assurance about the authenticity of a product. The email address (genuine@skf.com) has hitherto been the more traditional way that bearing users have chosen to contact SKF seeking verification, but they are being encouraged by the user-friendly nature of the app.


SKF Germany shares their experiences promoting the app to their customers: Since its launch it is mandatory for sales personnel to have the app on their phone, showing the app to customers and to encourage usage. “The app is great, it is so practical to use while on the road, most people nowadays are connected to the internet via their phones, for us to have the ability to request verification support standing beside a machine or in a customer’s warehouse is of great importance for the customer and for SKF. We have also advertised the app in various trade magazines, to promote it externally. The number of verification requests have significantly increased since it was introduced” says one SKF sales manager.


SKF receives thousands of verification requests per year and since the launch of the app two years ago, almost 50% of all requests sent through the app have been determined counterfeit . The requests are coming from bearing users representing all industry segments and geographical locations. Even private individuals take use of the verification service via the app, mostly this is related to having bought an SKF product online.


Counterfeit products exist everywhere, that is why it is so important to provide an authentication service that bearing users can rely on.


The SKF Authenticate app is free and available to download from App Store or Google play.



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