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The latest news on Counterfeiting Within & Outside the Bearing Industry

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NTN Wins Lawsuit against a Counterfeit Bearing Distributor in China

2017-05-24 21:23:49

In April 2015, the Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau of Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China, conducted a raid on counterfeiters in Suzhou City.  The PRC authorities seized counterfeit NTN bearings, ordered the counterfeiter to stop sales, and imposed fines and other penalties.

In September 2015, NTN filed a civil lawsuit against the counterfeiter seeking compensation for its infringement of NTN’s trademark rights.  A judgment was issued in favor of NTN and the court ordered the counterfeiters to stop their infringement immediately and to compensate NTN.

The criminal fine and the compensation to NTN combined were significant for the counterfeiter.

Imitation bearings have lower quality standards and not only have shorter lives, but also cause machine failure and serious accidents.  Because counterfeit bearings must be repaired or replaced more frequently than genuine NTN bearings, counterfeit bearings significantly increase costs, expenses, and workload.

NTN will continue its efforts to eliminate counterfeit products from the market for the benefit of NTN’s customers and to protect the NTN brand.